Welcome to “Villa Kordić”

In the homely atmosphere of Villa we would like to lend a hand of welcome and wish that this place would be nice memories on us, to keep coming back !


Dear guests, it is our greatest pleasure to present you Villa Kordić, our new luxury villa, with a view on the Adriatic sea and Dalmatian islands. Villa Kordić is situated in Kaštel Lukšić, the central settlement (castle) around which the city of Kaštela is developed. Villa Kordić has been opened in June of 2015. Its offer includes six apartments decorated in a highly modern style. During their entire stay, all our guests will have the possibility of free access to Wi-Fi internet connection, and also they could use a private car park, also for free. The comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere of the villa’s courtyard is equipped with a common grill perfect for preparing outdoor meals. Also, having made a previous arrangement with the hosts it is possible to organize the transportation from the airport “Resnik” to the Villa or even to rent a car. The host also offers the possibility of organizing trips to the Dalmatian islands and visiting other cultural and natural attractions nearby. We receive you in our home as cherished friends and welcome you as dear clients. Let our home become your second home and the city of Kaštela the place to spend perfect vacation!

Villa Kordić

The city of Kaštela is a city known for its beautiful nature: it is home to the most charming and captivating Mediterranean landscapes, the climate is salubrious and mild: the sea is of a transparent blue colour, the city is characterized for its rich and well-known history – there are many sites that bear testimony to its rich culture and art history. In the case you are looking for a quiet place where you could relax and forget the everyday responsibilities; a place where you could easily unwind surrounded by history, nature and culture, all of them intertwined in the beautiful scenery –Villa Kordić is perfect for you and your family. If you want to experience the atmosphere of the Medditerranean and spend unforgettable holidays, we offer you the accommodation in our modern and fully equipped apartments with a breathtaking view on the sea, islands and surrounding mountains. We would like to receive you cordially in the domestic atmosphere of the Villa hoping that you will always remember it so that you could return here gladly.

Your hosts.

– Transport from the airport Split
– Hiring bicycle, car, boat
– Organizing trips


The city of Kaštela is situated in the central Dalmatia and it consists of seven settlements (castles). Moreover, it is very close to the city of Split, the biggest city on the Adriatic coast. Also, it is near Trogir, the city under the protection of UNESCO, and Solin, the town known for Salona, remains from the Roman period.